Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I have been lucky enough to get a fleet of beautiful VW campervan classics that I got restored with the help of my friends. It's not easy to do this. It takes a lot of time and energy, and the pricetag at the end is substantial, believe me, I have been reminded of this fact a dozen of times.

Now I'm at a stage where I can rest assured that these beauties are reliable, safe and comfortable, so I now started this rental service and, as is the campervan spirit, I'm sharing the love and fun to other campers that want the joy of taking these babies out camping without the high pricetag of ownership. People need to get the fun, and I get to have fun providing that service, so we're all happy and the VW campervan camping experience grows every time.

Here are my beauties, visit their blog posts and I'm sure you will fall in love with at least one of them :)

I've also started a JustKampers profile, so make sure you visit that one for other technical info.

Hartley's ID

Hartley is waiting to be renovated and will change colour so give us your suggestions on what colour you would like and we will pick the highest rated!!!

He has been stuck in the Potteries district for many a year and wants to get his feet out of the clay….

He is hoping Handy Andy can get his welder out on her in September 2009 but sure enough, she wants to be out and about sooner.

Hartley will have his interior re-installed a lovely Devon that sleeps 4.

Dauphine's ID

DAUPHINE – She is a Beauty. Splitty style from the 1960’s and is totally original and from California. She has all modern suspension and disk brakes on the front and back. Dauphine has been professionally converted to Right Hand Drive. Dauphine feels like she can cope with the modern roads much better now.

She has been buried in saddleworth moors for many a year now not open to the light or any adventures.

Dauphine is being taken from her sleepy hollow this Friday to Burnley were little Andy the tiny engine wizard will produce his magic and give her a new MOT and spruce up since she only needs a few cobwebs removed since her conversions are recent.

Noah's ID

NOAH – 1976 Noah has a timewarp interior from 1976, strong 2 litre engine and is lovely to drive and has all the refinements. NOAH has spent the last 6 years down near Dartmoor and is now venturing north to Cheshire this Thursday 30th July 2009.

He can’t wait since he’s fed up of being used occasionally by his previous owner and would love to have the Outback adventures he had in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s.

Now at the tail end of the noughties he will be living his dream – “Born Free!!!”

Bagpuss' ID

Bagpuss has just had a minor facelift and has had a new engine in the last few years and traveled throughout the UK effortlessly. She sleeps 2 and she is just having her from arches and seating area completely renovated. Bagpuss is a classic sleek design and sometime in the near future will have a full length roof rack.

She is being painted at the start of August 2009 and is ready for hire.
She just had the seat tubs redone with the arches and got Mot’d on Friday 31st July 2009.

Miffy's ID

She has had one family owner for over 30 years and spent life with an airforce pilot in her early days, that’s why she has oodles of flying stickers all pre 1980.

In her last 30 years she has been garaged in North Wales not seeing any sun or sea.

I rescued her and she does possess all her period fitments but needed a huge amount of restoration and I did not know if she was going to pull through.

Now she is only a few weeks away, freshly painted and interior and glass to finish.

She is smiling again and looking forward to tramping the ground and testing her new brakes.

Miffy will be ready in mid/late August 2009.
So when ready just relax is classic style having split screen queues and more modern bay underpinning.

Dorf's ID

Dorf has a 2 litre engine bursting with power to get you up those steep hills effortlessly, that’s' why he is the Canadian muscle bound lugger.

He lived in Canada until 2003 and a army officer used to transport him from Germany to Canada.

Dorf has a rare Turret ‘splitty’ style roof that no UK Westfalia models have. So he is proud to show it off wherever he goes on your journey.

He has been in cold storage since December 2007 when he was suffering from a sick engine and after a few stop starts had his engine replaced from a Polish Westfalia which had travelled from Krakow to Manchester and now his heart beats on in Dorf.

He now has a fresh Reef Blue and VW pastel white colour and is ready for your adventure.

Dayglo's ID

Dayglo spent much of her life round the old East End, enduring the cockney humour and the wannabee buyers who could not restore her properly.

We rescued her from her owner in Dartford back in December 2008.

She has a full history file and has had a good early life, we have just given her a full restoration and given her a snazzy Dayglo Green colour to push the 70’s in your face!!!

She runs with a 1600cc reconditioned engine that is eager to pull you along, just remember to take her gently and live life in the slow lane.